Friday, August 7, 2009

Grey fighting

The greys continue their attempt to both occupy the same space at the same time. I doubt they will be successful!

Max considers the top part of the stand hers -- she's the only one who had perched there for years. As Stella gains confidence, she's decided that she wants to perch there, so tries to dislodge Max. Once she's successful, Max flies over and tries to regain her place. This can become frustrating, and I usually step in and distract them, or this goes on for a really long time.

The angle is a bit hard to see, but Max has her right foot raised in an attempt to tell Stella to stay away:
That didn't work, so she had to resort to violence:
When they notice I'm taking pictures, they act innocent:


Web Design said...

cool pics

belovedparrot said...

I love those "innocent" looks.