Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Long trek

I gave Basil some peas the other day; he loved them!  I had placed them in the food dish on top of his cage; you can see it here (the gray dish):
Isn't that rainbow feather sticking out just amazingly beautiful?

I wish I would have gotten his walk on video -- he decided that he needed to eat his peas on his door instead of at the dish, so he walked all the way down while having to manage an unwieldy pea pod.

Looks like it was worth it:
And, since I got a picture of him without being attacked (cameras still provoke him), here's an unrelated-but-not-worthy-of-its-own-post picture of Beeps eating a cashew:
Enjoying life.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Lovely to see Basil enjoying his peas, my Senegal (Rambo) absolutely adores them too, he can chuck peas, quicker than I can lol Regards Sandy.

phonelady said...

Oh wow so calypso attacks you huh ? why does he not like you ? or is he one of those birds that only likes men . I love the rainbow on basil that is just beautiful . glad he likes peas .

Beloved Parrot said...

I love all your birds!

D. Richard said...

Just a thought , I am also amazed by my flocks plumage and came up with clever way to save some of the better feathers as well as to remember the birds that I re home . I got a Dream catcher what I liked a year ago and as each bird drops a nice feather I replace one of the chicken and or turkey feathers with the dropped one . This makes for a very colorful dream catcher . Each bird has its on tendril and I like to think that this dream catcher is symbolic of my flock that I watch over during the day Watching over me by night . What you think ??