Friday, July 1, 2011


The peaches are ripe, so we've been overindulging.  The greys don't care for them, but everyone else is a big fan.


Calypso (if you can find him, camouflaged as he is by his toys):
We get a case of peaches direct from the orchard (is that what it's called when it's peaches and not apples?) once a year, which means mad peach-eating for a week or so, and then we live a peach-less existence until the following year as we are spoiled by these delicious peaches and can't stomach the ones from the grocery store.  Yes, we are major peach snobs.

As of this morning, we had 36 peaches left.  We put many of them in the fridge to slow their ripening, but we will still be eating a lot this weekend, which will make the non-grey inhabitants of the household happy!


phonelady said...

I love it , the non grey inhabitants of the house LOL !!!
My feathere babies dont like peaches really either fresh or otherwise . My oldest one loves applesauce though .

The Woman Running for President said...
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belovedparrot said...

You don't can or freeze any????