Monday, July 18, 2011

Typical Rocky

In case anyone was wondering, Rocky continues his one-macaw assault on my safety.  However, I continue to outsmart him by carrying a stick with me and being aware of where he is to thwart any planned attacks.

You'd think that after 5 years in my house, he'd acquiesce and learn to live with me, but he is as adamant as ever about getting me out of the house so he can have Thomas to himself.  He is fighting a losing battle.

His tactics include opening his beak and threatening to bite:
As well as showing me how big and scary he is:
He is definitely very determined.  Too bad he hasn't chosen to use this personality trait for good!


phonelady said...

I do believe that were me I would re home Rocky since I am the one that takes care of the birds he would be poop out of luck cause my hubby would not put up with him . He would tell him get along or get out LOL !!! Have you thought about re homing him to a male only household ?

Mary said...

Maybe I will write a post more about this soon so I can go on for longer than here, but if I were to seriously mention rehoming Rocky, I think my husband would divorce me.

Thomas is as involved with the parrots as I am, and he and Rocky are very bonded. Even though Rocky has to share him with me, Rocky is very happy. He's not living in a constant state of anger because I'm around.

Also, as much as I complain about the guy, I love him. He does make me laugh every day, and we play games together, sing songs, etc.

We have made progress in 5 years, so who knows where we'll be in 5 more.

If Thomas were to die and Rocky couldn't adjust to living with me, I would consider rehoming him to a house that could make him happy (probably male-only), just as if I were to die, Thomas would probably rehome Calypso.

Natacha said...

He sounds a lot like one of my Meyer's, Petey, a bird I'll have had for 4 years in a few weeks. He's a middle aged grouchy bird who despises women, but is in total love with my significant other. When we got him from a rescue, we knew he didn't like women but he had been bounced around so often that we wanted to give him a chance. And while the relationship between him and I has improved, there is still work to do as well. Funnily enough, my SO was gone for two weeks earlier this summer and Petey behaved wonderfully for me. Her wanted to be out in the living room with the other birds and myself (as opposed to being left out alone in the birdroom) and not once during those two weeks did he try to dive bomb me. The moment my SO returned, he was back to his old tricks.
I do think he is very happy regardless of me being around though and given I'm now pretty good at foreseeing attacks, it's not too much of a trouble.
If something were to happen to my SO, then I'd have to see how things went and whether him and I would work and whether he would still be as happy. I mean this bird is soooo sweet to any guys - well with exceptions. Two of his previous owners were a gay couple. And while he loved one of the two, he would pull his attack routine with the other - so I think I'd have to look for a single man if I ever had to rehome him ;)

Mary said...

Natacha -- Rocky and Petey do sound similar in their one-person-ness.

I wish you luck in winning him over :)