Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sometime earlier this week, I had placed Max on Stella's stand.  Well, not exactly Stella's stand, since, unlike their cages, the stands technically belong to everyone.  However, Stella has claimed this stand and she's the bird who's on here 95+% of the time.

Max had been bothering Beeps on the other side of the kitchen, so I had placed her here, to distract her.  Stella had flown to Thomas's shoulder, and he placed her on the same stand as Max.

There seemed to be a bit of confusion about this, from both sides:
Finally, one or both of them flew off.  Of course, they got the lecture about life being more pleasant for them if they'd get along, but they do not seem to take us seriously on this topic!

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phonelady said...

No and they never will take you seriously birds pretty much do what they want to do and end of story same way here as well .