Monday, July 11, 2011

Keeping cool

Rocky and Stella are working on ways to beat the heat. 

One of Rocky's favorite places to sit is on the arm of the couch, in the way of the air filter's fan.  Over the weekend, we had a large fan in the kitchen, so Thomas offered him a chance to get an even bigger breeze.  He seemed to enjoy himself.  Notice that I am close and his wings aren't even out to threaten me!
Later, Thomas was getting something out of the freezer.  As usual, Stella flew over to perch on the open door; however, she then took the unusual step of entering the freezer!  We suspect it was not the walnuts or the cool that called to her, but the prospect of nesting in a dark, confined place, as she started scratching right after I took this picture but before Thomas could remove her.
I would think a freezer would not be the best place to nest -- it would be hard to keep the eggs warm enough to hatch, but I am not a parrot, so what do I know.

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phonelady said...

LOL Im not a parrot either so maybe none of us parronts know anything LOL !!!