Monday, July 18, 2011

Nosy Stella

I have always considered Max to be our nosiest parrot, but I think that Stella may have taken that title.  Max had been happily playing on the table.  As soon as she noticed this, Stella had to fly over and try to land exactly where Max was, displacing her to the chair:
Later, Thomas was bending down to get something out of the fridge; Stella had to fly over, landing on his shoulder, to see what was inside:
It's been so hot, so Thomas had our temperature gun out, investigating the temperature variation in our house.  Of course Stella was curious, so she flew over and wound up getting measured herself:
So far, Thomas has been unsuccessful in convincing her to get a hobby that doesn't involve being so nosy!

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phonelady said...

Thomas is the hobby or does he not know that ? LOL !!!