Monday, November 28, 2011


I got home and decided to spend a bit of dedicated time with Calypso before letting the rest of the parrots out. He's a bit more reserved, so can fall between the cracks if I just focus on the parrots who demand attention.

He was sitting on my knee and I gave him a cracker.  It was a tiny, caique-sized piece.  Given the crumbs on my pants, I'm not sure how much of this cracker he ingested!


D. Richard said...

Important question , I have to travel to Daytona for three days and most of my birds will be fine with someone giving them fresh water and food once a day , However I do have 2 birds VERY Bonded to me . I would be allowed to take them with me on the plane but Should I . The Cockatiel screams when I leave the room and Hollywood sleeps with me . I think either would be stressful for them . and I would really like your opinion .

Mary said...

Personally, I would leave them at home. While it sounds great in theory to take them with you, I see too many hazards and potential for trouble.

At home, they will have their familiar surroundings. Rocky is very bonded to Thomas, and Calypso is very bonded to me, and they have both survived just fine when we leave them at home with a pet sitter.

Perhaps I am a bit too much of a worrier (though that still didn't save Brian) but it just seems better for them to be at home. Three days will fly by. Have a great trip!