Thursday, November 10, 2011


Thomas was gone this past weekend and much of this past week at a conference for work.  It was rough for me!  The parrots were thrown off of their routine of having him home with them, so were a little extra cranky.  Except for Calypso who was loving it and was a little cranky during Thomas's first day back!

You would have thought it was Rocky to have been the happiest at Thomas's return, but it was actually the greys.  They couldn't get enough of him!

Vying for kisses:
I took yesterday off of work and the parrots were very happy to have the entire flock together again.


phonelady said...

Oh yes when I was in the hospital my husband said the birds knew something was wrong because they had to depend on him for food and water and they were like not so happy and they stopped talking for three days and they were not singing at all . It is good to know i was missed but they were in very capable hands .

Mary said...

I'm so glad you're out of the hospital. Best of luck in your recovery. I know your birds are thrilled that you're back home!