Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pants macaw

Most nights, Rocky likes to spend some time in Thomas's pants, chipping up 2X4 slices.

In the comments, Beloved Parrot had asked how the other parrots were taking Brian's demise.  They don't seem to be affected at all.  Last Friday, before I buried him, I took his body around to show everyone, so they could see him.  Stella did a double take, Max and Rocky just stared at him, and everyone else (Basil and the caiques) seemed oblivious to what was going on.

When he was alive, no one ever really seemed to consider him part of their flock.  He didn't call back and forth with anyone, and we were so careful not to allow any sort of physical interaction (until, of course, the fatal accident.)  For them, life is back to normal.  The humans in the house are not yet to that point.

At the rescue where I volunteer, the budgies are in a flight cage.  None are tame.  Yesterday, I was watching the budgies play and enjoying their antics.  Several came up to the front of the cage, intrigued by my presence.  I hope they find good homes.


D. Richard said...

My Hollywood (Yellow sided Conure) Likes to climb into my sleeves and out my neck and when she settles down she will snooze in the crook of my arm softly quacking like a duck . This has become her favorite pastime.

Curious as to why you showed your other parrots Brian . What was the hope . I know mated birds will pine for each other .
I mean zero disrespect in the question .Just wanted to know , Was it ceremonial. or was it to gauge their reaction .

Mary said...

D. Richard,

Very cute about Hollywood :)

I have heard this recommended by several people, to show the rest of the flock the body.

I really have no idea how much they understand, but my hope was to show them that Brian's gone and perhaps for them to understand a little bit more why it's been so sad around the house.

Also, even though they never really acted like Brian was part of their flock, he was a presence in their lives for almost 11 months, so they might be curious about why he's no longer there. I wanted to show them why that was.

Like I said, I have no idea if I was able to convey any of this to them. They didn't seem upset by viewing him, and who knows if they even recognized it as him or have any conception of death and permanence.

So, short answer, I was trying to give them as much information as I could about their situation, even though I don't know if they understood!

phonelady said...

It is good to show the other birds that a flock member has left their presence . I hope one day you might find it in your heart to take in another special budgie .

Mary said...

Thanks, phonelady. I do believe that we will have another special budgie someday. We are nowhere near ready, and we need to make changes to make make the budgie's environment safer. Thomas may take some convincing, but I do believe that another budgie may help to heal his heart as well. Thanks for the sentiment as I agree!

Shannon said...

I showed Pippin's body to my flock after she died. The cockatiels, who were next to her, freaked out. Sam and Steve looked with uncharacteristic gravity. I think they were more concerned about my grief and emotional state than about Pippin's body. However, 2 weeks later, Sam began making Pippin sounds that he had never imitated while she was alive. Who knows?

D. Richard said...
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D. Richard said...
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D. Richard said...

i feel like everyone has had a mad week so I wanted to make you all smile so do a youtube search and play EUEZkwJulBY you might have seen it but I love it

Saemma said...

LOL!! I cannot imagine ever letting Severe Macaw Mabel do that to me. Rocky is totally! at ease with Thomas. That is so special! You're pretty great for sharing Thomas with Rocky too.:)