Thursday, November 17, 2011


Thomas is taking the loss of Brian particularly hard. He told me today that when we grocery shop, we can cut down on our bread purchase as he doesn't think he can eat toast again as that was something he shared with Brian every morning and it would make him too sad.  He's been extremely morose the past few days, and I hope that he can work through his grief.

The still-living parrots are doing their best to help him.  They can sense his sadness and have been gathering around him more than usual.  A few scenes from last night:

I broached the subject of getting another budgie someday (months or years in the future); showing him some safer cages that I found online yesterday.  It may have been too soon.  He said that he considers this house to be a budgie death trap and that no more parrots can enter this house.  It's going to be a tough few weeks until we can find a new sense of normalcy.


D. Richard said...

This comment is for Thomas .
I am not saying you should run out to get a replacement Keet but the hole in your heart will need to be filled whether you get one or not . and a time might come when another Keet needs you .
If that day does come you can have my specially constructed double walled cage that I Had made for the good twin that was very cage aggressive and would bite off the toes of anything that came near the cage . I built it for a love bird so it would work for a Keet just fine . I rehomed the good twin to another family that would have only the one bird . And as for the toast . Have some and make it a point to fondly remember Brian. A memorial that Brian himself can appreciate .

phonelady said...

Yep I was going to say the same thing that a keet might come along that needs you for whatever reason so dont totally rule that option out .

Mary said...

Thanks, guys. It's getting better every day, but we still miss him terribly.

I do think the day will come when we bring another budgie into our home -- with even more safety precautions in place. It just might not be for a long time.

As you've said, we'll know it when the next budgie who needs us appears.