Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guess what Rocky's doing today?

As I've mentioned many times, Rocky loves shredding boxes.  It keeps him busy and not screaming.  The trouble was, even though Thomas and I run, and therefore change our running shoes on a frequent basis, that still only worked out to maybe 8 boxes a year for Rocky.  Of course he'd get the occasional other box, but shoe boxes are his favorite.

I was mentioning this to a friend who is the manager of a running store, and she told me she could get me boxes as many customers don't want their when they buy shoes!  What an exciting find!

Here's Rocky, enjoying one of those boxes this morning, before I left for work:
I suspect that it will be in shreds when I get home in an hour or so.
I really am trying to get a picture of him inside his box, but as he comes running out to threaten me when he senses my presence, this may prove difficult.  Perhaps I can see if Thomas will be able to get the shot.

1 comment:

phonelady said...

He is having fun kudos to finding the friend with the shoe boxes you just made Rockys day .