Monday, November 28, 2011

Sticky beaks

Last week, Basil had a down feather attached to his beak.  We joked he was dressing like Santa a month early:
I couldn't figure out which picture was my favorite, so I'm posting three of them!
Feather in motion:
There must have been something in the air, as Rocky got part of Thomas's dessert stuck to his beak that same evening (it's an oat):


D. Richard said...

Basil still wont let you preen him ? Looks desperate for head pets

Mary said...

He is desperate for head pets, but I would have bloody fingers if I tried!

He'll need to be toweled soon for a nail trim, so my plan is for Thomas to get them then.

We've had him just under a year, so I'm hopeful that someday he'll trust us enough for head pets! The rest of my parrots get theirs on their own but Basil is just letting his be.