Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beeps absolutely hates it when anyone tries to clean the house. He particularly hates sweeping, but is not fond of any cleaning activities. I like to use this excuse when my house isn't up to par :)

And look at him -- he is saying, "I am so adorable, you can't possibly be talking about me!" Oh yes, I am!

I was unable to get any pictures of this, but last night the parrots were on their stands in the kitchen and I was making dinner. Thomas grabbed the broom and started to sweep the kitchen. I told him he'd better hide the broom and put Beeps in his cage, or wait until the parrots were back in the living room. Even though this has happened before, he laughed me off!

As he made a pass by Beeps's stand, Beeps jumped off and landed on the small of Thomas's back (he was shirtless at the time). All of a sudden, he starts dancing around the room and screaming, "Get him off! He's trying to paralyze me!" Beeps was biting him at the spot of his spinal cord. Luckily, he did not go very deep and Thomas was ultimately ok. He refused to let me take a picture of the beak marks on his back.

I am so careful around Beeps with cleaning and technology -- hopefully Thomas will start taking this more seriously as well!


caiquecrazy said...

Oh my, I started to LOL while reading the story of Beeper and the broom. My caiques hate the broom and other cleaning apparatuses as well. I could picture that all too well.

I added your blog to my new linklist. I will be checking in and reading your stories often!

Mary said...

Thanks! I figured out how to make your blog more noticeable on my site.

Beeps also hates technology (in addition to cleaning) and will go after you if you have a phone, remote control, video game controller, etc. We joke he should be Amish.

My other caique's only dislike is for my husband!!!

I'll be reading your site often, too!!!