Tuesday, September 4, 2007

On Saturday, we decided to purchase some more clown loaches. Our one survivor was doing quite well, and they really like to be in groups of about 3. So, we went to a different fish store and purchased these two beauties. They are a little larger than our resident loach, but I'm assuming they'll all catch up in time.

For the first day, the 2 newcomers were hanging out together and pretty much ignoring the first one. Which caused me stress, of course, as I want everyone to get along! But, as the days have progressed, the three of them have been hanging out together!

We returned with our fish on Saturday to find this: Beeps! (I tell you, this guy has not taken a bad picture!) Of course I start to fawn all over him, worried that Thomas had locked him out of his cage instead of locking him in when we left that morning (this had happened a few weeks ago, with Calypso). Are you hungry? Thirsty? I thought Thomas learned his lesson about making sure the birds were INSIDE their cages before closing them up. But upon closer examination, I found this:
Beeps's escape route. He had been properly enclosed, after all. Did they test this cage on parrots before they started selling it? This was Rocky's old cage. When we got tired of Rocky escaping several times a week, we bought him a larger, macaw-escape-proof cage and Beeps upgraded to this one. He's been in it for several months (I think since April) with no escapes. We're hoping this was a one-time thing.
To his credit, we could not find any evidence that Beeps spent any time any place other than the top of his cage during his escape. I am lucky to have a well-behaved parrot (even without supervision), but I don't want to tempt fate, so he'll be getting a different cage if the escaping continues.

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