Friday, September 7, 2007

This entry is mostly about aquarium stuff as I have been spending a lot of time looking at the aquarium lately. Yesterday when I got home from work, I saw this:
Two of my julii cory cats resting on a leaf! They normally rest on the ground, and this leaf is quite far up in our tank. They were just so adorable I had to take a picture!
And here is a picture of one of our clown loaches along with a couple of our Australian Rainbowfish. Our rainbows are incredibly gorgeous, also, especially when natural light hits them. They look like different fish when the sun is shining on them! They all seem to be doing quite well and have really grown in the nine months that we've had them.
Cory cats really are my favorite fish, I think. Right now in our tank, we have 2 large green cory cats, 3 medium albino cory cats and 5 small/medium julii cory cats. Here is a photo taken of a possible cory cat summit. Are they planning a tank takeover? It's a bit hard to make them out, but left to right is a green, albino, julii, and albino. Thomas jokes that my ideal tank would be about 5 inches high but with a huge surface area since I love the bottom dwellers (cories and loaches) so much. I do always want to take all of the cory cats I see in the fish store home, but I control my impulses!
And since this blog was created for me to have an outlet to discuss my parrots, here is Max, on one of her favorite spots: the top of the aquarium. She is not supposed to be on top of the aquarium. The reasons are many, but include that I don't want her accidentally falling in when we have the top of the tank open for cleaning or feeding (if she's used to landing there) and I don't want her eating the wires that connect the lights to the outlets. I also don't want to find crusty poop on my aquarium top!

But she loves it there, possibly because it's so warm. She knows she's not supposed to go there, so she usually flies over when we're in a different room or when she's feeling neglected. Poor baby!

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