Thursday, September 6, 2007

Unfortunately, this was taken with our old, fuzzy camera, but here is a picture of Thomas holding Calypso and Beeps on the first night that Beeps came to stay with us -- we can't believe it's been almost a year!

Calypso is on Thomas's right (my left when I'm looking at the computer) and Beeps is obviously the other one!

Beeps has been such an amazing addition to our flock. I was a bit concerned as to how he'd react to living in a multi-bird environment after being an only bird for 8 years, but he does really well here.

His wings have finally grown in after the clipping he received on intake, and he is starting to become a more proficient flyer. Right now we're working on landings and making decisions mid-air to change flight patterns if something unforseen interrupts his initial landing place.

Beeps and Calypso still rarely interact with each other, but that's fine with us. They have separate cages and are able to see each other across the living room.

In fact, Beeps and Rocky will often hang out together, but always supervised closely. Thomas and I were discussing how we would split up the parrots if we only had 3 carriers and we had to get all 5 birds evacuated from somewhere (I can't imagine any scenario under which this would take place, but yet we spend time discussing this!) We both independently came to the same conclusion -- Beeps and Rocky, Calypso and Daphne, and Max would have to be all alone!

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