Monday, September 24, 2007

I have just confirmed with my mom that I will retrieve my camera Wednesday evening, so my next new-picture post will be on Thursday. In the meantime, I decided to go through some old pictures that I had. After reading Mooky's blog and seeing some of the beautiful nature photography, I was reminded of a hike through Bong Recreation Center that Thomas and I took last Spring. We had just gotten our camera, and were trying to capture as much wildlife as possible! I was so excited to see this bluebird on a house!
And then to actually capture the red winged blackbird in flight! In an earlier entry, I think I mentioned that Max had a red winged blackbird "friend" at our old house -- they would call back and forth to each other through the window.
Thomas is quite observant, and he noticed this frog (toad?) along the trail. He was quite well camouflaged!

We also do wildlife rescue for our local wildlife rehabilitation center. Earlier this Spring, we were called out because some baby ducklings had fallen into a sewer. This often happens in the Spring. The mother duck's feet are large enough so that she can walk over the sewer grates; however, when she leads her babies over the grate, they fall in. Unfortunately, we weren't called until about 10 hours after observers noticed the babies fall in and the mother duck frantically calling for her babies. Witnesses reported at least 4 baby ducklings. Thomas was only able to rescue one -- the others had wandered off into the sewer system by the time we arrived. The mother watched what we were doing, and we were able to reunite her with one of her babies. We watched her walk her baby to a nearby pond. Unfortunately, the only picture I took of this reunion was quite blurry. This was before I was blogging, so it didn't seem important at the time!

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