Friday, September 7, 2007

I thought the above was kind of a poignant picture, even though the lighting is weird. Thomas has been working some strange hours lately, which means that I am home alone with the birds on a more frequent basis. They are used to him getting home shortly after I do, or even before, so when I'm home, Rocky looks for him. He walks around the house, calling his name. He climbs the stairs to the bedroom, looking for Thomas. This is his most recent attempt. Last weekend, I was inside the house and Thomas was cutting the lawn. Rocky was looking for him, so I placed him over by our sliding glass door so he could see Thomas cutting the grass. So now, in addition to all of the other searching for Thomas that Rocky does, he spends some time looking out at the back yard for him.

In order to try to take his mind off of his missing mate, I gave him some food. Here he is with the remnants of some bird bread that my mom made. She made it for her parrots, who refused to eat it. Luckily my guys are pigs who will eat just about everything.

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