Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Since I'm still temporarily camera-less, I'm posting a few more pictures and a video that I have saved on my computer. In addition to being part-fish, Beeps may also be part-bat. He loves hanging upside down! Here, he was displaying because he saw the camera. I just love it when he gets all fluffy!

Beeps came into our house about one year ago -- the end of September, 2006. As I've mentioned before, he is supposed to have bit his previous owner so badly she had to go to the ER (I must say, I have a hard time believing that as he has bitten us a few times and it wasn't that bad). All we've seen out of him is a loving, inquisitive, intelligent caique. He is so expressive and wonderful, and I can't imagine our lives without him!

Here he is on his stand:

Doesn't he just look like he's posing; the way he has his left leg lifted? I had removed the tray portion of this stand so that I could wash it. Of course, he had to go down and investigate why it looked so strange!

We now have more stands than parrots. We used to have one stand in the kitchen, and Max and Calypso had to share. This wasn't working, so we purchased another, identical stand. Less than a month later, we took Rocky in, so we purchased the small stand that Beeps is on in this picture. Less than a month after that, we ended up taking Beeps home. We decided that since our house was full, we'd better not buy any more stands! And it seems to have worked since it's been a year since we've added anyone to our flock.

Speaking of stands, here is Max on Daphne's stand. This is was too small for an african grey, but she must like the swinging sensation, and not mind that the whole stand tips over under her weight! You can see she's even perched resting on one foot!

I don't mention my budgie, Daphne, often enough on this blog. Probably because she is so well-mannered and doesn't cause me problems! She is a huge toy player, and her cage is packed with toys. Here is a little video of Daphne playing with toys inside her cage.

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