Friday, April 18, 2008


I forgot my camera again today. Things were really going well this morning, until I was about to leave for work and realized that Andreas's light (and main heat source) didn't turn on. I'm just glad I noticed and didn't leave for work before the automatic timers are set to turn on! He probably would have survived that, but it wouldn't have been good for his health.

After experimenting, it seems like the bulb just stopped working. It's still under warranty (I've had it less than 5 months) but the more pressing concern was his well being now. I didn't have another one. The lights are supposed to be good for at least 18 months, so my plan was to change them every 12 months and not buy them until right before the time I was to replace it, partly so the warranty would still be in effect, and also so that I would have the latest product.
I had kept his old bulb (which does not provide adequate UV rays but does provide heat), so that went into his fixture as a stop-gap. Then I ordered a replacement bulb and have started the process to return the lemon bulb to get another replacement. I guess I'll have to keep one on hand as a backup in case something like this happens again.
Unfortunately, there are no local retailers around that carry this product, so I have to wait a few days until I can get it in the mail. Argh!
I do not understand why this post shows up all scrunched up. I know what paragraphs are and have been pressing the "enter" button properly. This is just adding to my frustration!!!

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