Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shower scenes

Thomas went for a post-work run yesterday, which meant that the parrots were treated to an evening shower. As you might imagine, this made Max, Rocky, and Beeps very happy!

Rocky in particular as he loves the shower and he loves Thomas. Putting the two together is an ideal combination! In this first video, I walked in to see and hear him fake eating. You have to concentrate a bit since the water running in the background is kind of loud. He's just about to start singing when I ask him what he's eating, and that prompts him to fake eat some more.

I walked out of the bathroom, but then heard Rocky start to make these strange sounds which reminds us of rapping sounds. He has done a better rap on occasion (especially when anything by the Beastie Boys comes on the radio!) but this is certainly passable, although somewhat difficult to hear because of the shower running.

Max and Beeps were also on the shower, but they didn't do anything interesting enough to get them included in today's entry. Notice the body wash and shampoo bottles that we have to keep up there to stop the parrots from eating the wall or irritating each other. When the bottles get low, they often just throw them off of the shower and watch as they fall, making a satisfying thud.


Stephanie said...

What a character!

Mary said...

I know! I think I'm going to do a personality summary for severe macaws (after I do my grey one next week) because I would hate for anyone reading this to think they make a good pet. We absolutely love him, but sometimes he has too much personality!!!