Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Garbage can or foraging toy?

This morning, like most, Max hung out in the kitchen as I walked back and forth between the living room (where the birds' cages are) and the kitchen (where I wash and refill their water dishes). However, her fascination with the garbage can apparently has returned.

It's strange. Months will go by without her perching on the garbage can, and then suddenly, it's the only place she wants to be.

In this case, she had eyed a piece of wood that Calypso had floating in his water dish, and that I had subsequently discarded. Nevermind that there are bins of wood in our living room that she can access, and many pieces in and on her cage.
I had to wash and prepare the lizards' greens this morning, as I had run out the day before. The discarded chicory endive, which Max snubs when I offer it to her, suddenly became irresistible.
With another piece:She appeared to eat some, but threw most of it on the floor for me to pick up.

Here she is, cleaning her beak on the garbage can:

And looking innocent:
After I took these pictures, I removed her from the garbage. I'm really hoping she's forgotten about her fascination this evening!

She knows she's not supposed to be there, which makes the whole thing that much more frustrating. When I find her and say, "Max!" she starts acting adorable and saying, "Hello! Give me a kiss!" in the cutest possible voice. I can't resist her.

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