Monday, April 21, 2008

Calypso's hidden talent

Despite the fact that I was home almost all weekend and spent lots of time with the parrots, I took almost no pictures and don't have any interesting stories of things that happened with them.

So I'm forced to think of things that have happened in the past and I don't think I've ever mentioned Calypso's special talent before. He is the best scab-remover I've ever seen.

I know many birds will pick at their owners' perceived imperfections -- skin tags, moles, stray hair, etc. Calypso ignores that and focuses on scabs. He investigates my hands and fingers, preening me and searching.

When he finds a scab, he tenderly preens the area, testing to see whether it's ready to come off. When it's time, he gently pulls the scab off. There is no pain involved.

Luckily I very rarely have any scabs, but even if several months have gone by, he keeps his gentle ways about him.

If he were a person, I think he'd be a nurse

I love this picture of him. He's normally not photogenic, but I think this picture brings out his beautiful colors.

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