Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend recap

Andreas has been tons of fun lately. He's been extremely interactive and I've been letting him out to explore quite a bit. I may try to get some on video since his walk is fantastic. I have to keep a very close eye on him, however, as I don't want him getting stuck somewhere or being attacked by a parrot. Also he can't be out for very long because uromastyx lizards like it to be HOT, and our room temperature doesn't exactly qualify!
He still looks really scraggly and has remnants on his skin from the colored sand he was kept on at the pet store. We've had him for 10 months now and I really thought he would have molted it all off. But we love him anyway! (And Elsa, but she's been crabby lately so no pictures!)
We had some beautiful weather over the weekend, and were able to get some hiking in on Saturday and Sunday. Since the Saturday hike was spur of the moment, I didn't have my camera with me (or suitable hiking shoes as my work shoes got full of mud!) which was too bad because we ran into a garter snake that was sunning himself. Thomas almost stepped on him -- good thing he was watching where he was going as the snake did not move out of the way. We think he wasn't quite himself due to the rather cold weather.

On Sunday, we saw a beaver swimming in the lake -- this picture isn't the best. He is the blurry spot in the middle of the picture. You can see the wake following him:
And a turtle sunning himself in the marsh:
We also saw tons of birds, but didn't get any good pictures. Unfortunately, it's raining right now, which means it will likely be muddy in the upcoming days. I can't wait for the weather to cooperate so we can do more hiking!

We were making juice over the weekend, and came across this odd-looking carrot:I'm not proud of this, but I am a major food snob in that I have trouble eating food that looks strange. There is no way I could have eaten this carrot, but we juiced it up, so I guess I am consuming it. I'm really trying to work on this! In the meantime, I spend 10 minutes picking out my 7 apples for the week at the grocery store to make sure I get perfect ones.

As I didn't want to make this a parrot-free entry, here is a picture of Beeps:
He's been a little hormonal of late, which means we have to be extra careful on watching his moods. Also his whereabouts as twice last week he jumped on me and bit me. There were several other close calls, but I was able to dodge him on time. Yesterday, Thomas was giving him part of his dinner, and Beeps grabbed on to his finger and made him bleed quite profusely. I noticed the red eyes right before the bite, but only managed to get "WATCH" out of my mouth as a warning to Thomas before Beeps latched on. Poor little frutrated guy!


Stephanie said...

Yikes! I wonder if female Caiques get as hormonal.

Mary said...

I have no idea. He does give warning before biting, so you just have to be careful about watching his eyes, but my husband was a bit too complacent.

Calypso isn't bad at all, so it's very possibly an individual thing unrelated to gender?

I can't wait for this to pass, though :)