Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Christmas cactus explosion

Thomas and I received a tiny Christmas cactus as a gift in 1999. Since then, our plant has quickly grown and has required several repottings. Normally, we get blooms once a year, in the November/December timeframe. However, over the past few days, we've noticed a few flowers.

I decided to try to take a picture of Daphne perched on the plant so I could give an idea as to how large this plant is. She didn't want to perch on the plant, however, so I held her in front of it for a picture.

Daphne is pretty hard to photograph, which is part of the reason why she appears seldomly on this blog (the other reason being that she is so well-behaved, which makes for boring entries!) If I use the flash, she is whited out, and when I don't use the flash, it's dark and blurry. But I persevere!

In this picture, she was shaking herself out just as I snapped the photo, and I love the way it captured her movement!
Of course, Max was jealous and acted as though she wanted her picture taken with the plant. I was hoping she'd pose under the greenery, but she didn't want to. I hope this kind of shows the scale, though. I can't get my arms around it and it's unwieldly! Pretty soon it may require 2 people to life it!
Every month, Thomas starts a different rotation. April will not be a fun month for anyone. In addition to lots of overnight call, he is gone longer hours during the days he can come home at night. I've written before about Rocky's love of Thomas's feet. On days like this when Thomas gets home closer to his bedtime, Rocky resigns himself to his shoes.
Rocky was so adorable last night; I wish I would have gotten some of his behavior on video. He can be so flirtatious and disarming and was almost able to lure me in to his web of biting. Before I came to my senses, I was actually thinking, "How can anyone this cute and funny, who is calling my name and telling me he loves me, bite me?" In any case, he had Thomas and me laughing so hard last night our sides hurt.

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