Monday, July 21, 2008

At least she'll have good eyesight...

One of our weekly rituals is juicing. We usually have a base of carrots and add in various other fruits and vegetables. The parrots love fresh juice. It's a special favorite of Max and the caiques.

Here Max is investigating the bag of carrots -- she knows what's coming next!Although she prefers carrot juice to actual carrots, she couldn't wait and decided to help herself to a piece of one of her favorite vegetables. I am amazed at her skill of breaking through plastic barriers to get at the food she wants:

After the juice is done, we put it in large mason jars. Max was trying to figure out how she could get to the juice. She was licking the outside of the jar, hoping she might be able to get some.

This next string of events had me, once again, amazed at her intelligence and problem solving skills. I poured myself a small glass of juice and had not yet gotten around to offering some to the parrots. Max would not wait. First, she perched on an empty bowl that was next to the glass.

The next time I looked over, she was perched on the glass itself, slurping down the juice as fast as she could:

Here she is, satisfied, and with a major juicebeak.


Stephanie said...

That's why so many parrots are considered pests in the wild. They are way to smart for their own good & they can get what they want quick as a wink!

Mary said...

You've got that right! I am just amazed at her cunning!

Mary Hughes Studio said...

Wish I could get my birds to drink juice. The parakeets LOVE just about anything I offer but the cockatiels are terribly picky and even watching the parakeets they don't try a lot of things. I just keep offering. This post is adorable.

Mary said...


Daphne my budgie is not as adventurous as the other parrots. I keep trying with her as well :)