Monday, July 14, 2008

Max and food

Most of the Max stories I post seem to involve food in some way, and today was no exception. You would think we starve her for the foraging she does around our kitchen!

First, Stephanie had asked last week whether Max ever eats any of the greens or just plays with them. While I'm still not sure of the answer for raw greens, we found out that she absolutely loves cooked greens! Of course, this could have something to do with the fact that they were sauteed in olive oil and garlic! You can see her eye pinning. Not sure why it looks like we have red lights on. We do not live in a disco!
Beets, on the other hand, she wanted no part of. Thomas was rather disappointed since he loves them. I tend to side with Max on this vegetable, but am trying to get myself to like them since they are healthy!
Here she is, licking the water off of a peach, just like she's previously done with strawberries and apples. Like those other fruits, she will not eat them. But as soon as I put one on the counter to prepare, she flies over and starts licking the water.
I've mentioned before that when the rest of the family is in the living room, she'll sometimes fly into the kitchen and hang out alone. We find this rather strange, but usually allow it, listening for clues that she's left her stand and looking for trouble. Apparently we missed the sound of her flying over to the kitchen island (where she almost never goes).

I tried to get a picture of her in the middle of her crime, but she apparently wasn't proud of destroying the bananas, as she wouldn't stay by them:
As proof, though, you can see her banana beak:
Thomas was taking pictures of Daphne hanging out in the plants over the weekend, and captured some nice ones. I like the way that you can see the purple hue she has in this first one.
Another Daphne picture. She looks fat, but that's her English budgie genes! There's a little bit of red above her cere. I was wearing lightly tinted chapstick when I gave her a kiss -- oops!
I wish I knew how to edit videos, as Thomas, shirtless, encroached into my movie towards the end. Sorry about that! We're trying to keep our power bills low this year by not keeping our house too cool and instead dressing skimpily around the house.

In any case, in this video, Daphne is exploring one of our plants. She is so curious and playful!

Not parrot-related, but I ran across this really fun website via links on another blog. It's called Pandora Radio, and the tag is "Radio from the Music Genome Project (R)" It's free, although free registration is recommended.
You type in an artist, composer, or song that you like, and the website customizes a radio station for you by streaming music. Also, no commercials! Then, it plays songs that are similar to what you like. You can rate the songs it plays to customize what you want to hear even more. It gives you information about the songs, including a link so you can buy the CD if you want.
I had been getting kind of tired of listening to the songs on my itunes lately, so this has expanded my songs -- and it's all free!


Sammi said...

"Not sure why it looks like we have red lights on. We do not live in a disco!"
Although from what I've seen, if you DID live in a disco, the birds would be dancing along with everyone else. =3

Also, the pics of Daphne were really good. She's a really lovely bird.

Mary said...

LOL -- Rocky and Max probably would love to live in a disco!

Thanks for the compliments on the Daphne pics. I don't know why she's so hard to photograph, so I was happy when some finally turned out :)

Shannon Ryan said...

Thank you for the photos of Daphne -she's a real sweetie. I used to have a parakeet with coloring like her when I was 10 and I became very attached to her - she was so tame and interactive and affectionate. So Daphne reminds me of my little bird.

Beloved Parrot said...

I just love your pictures!

Mary said...

Shannon -- so happy that she brings back good memories for you. Budgies are so wonderful, as you know!

BP -- Thanks for the compliment. I feel like my pictures aren't that good so I'm always trying to make them better. Thomas took the ones with Daphne. I don't know what he does differently than me, but she's always washed out when I do it. Maybe I should take a class.