Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yet another strawberry story

Lately it seems like I should rename this the strawberry blog! But I took a video of what Max does to the strawberries, so I thought I would share it, partly because it's so strange.

She spent at least 10 minutes yesterday, licking the water off of the strawberries. She wouldn't eat the berries at all. There's no possible way she could have been thirsty, either.

After about 10 minutes, she threw a strawberry on the counter. I told her she shouldn't waste them because they're so good, washed it, and put it back in the bowl. This started a game for her, where she kept throwing strawberries out, so she had to go back to her stand for a while.

I'll be back tomorrow with a non-strawberry post!

As for the fish, Thomas claims to have seen all 3 babies yesterday, but I could only find one of the smaller ones, and the same thing this morning. They're pretty good at hiding, which is probably how they've survived this long! Also, we have tons of plants and other hiding places, which is how we went 14 months without seeing our pleco.


Sharon said...

Those crazy birds!

I like the way she delicately licks each one. Do you suppose she gets a taste of one when she shakes her head?

Mary said...

I would think that she's got to get at least the essence of strawberry from having her head in the bowl. They are really fragrant! I'll keep trying to see if she'll eat one, but probably won't be successful.