Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot Times

It has been so hot around here I feel like I am going to melt. The parrots are happy to be in air conditioning.

I was at the farmers' market on Wednesday. I felt bad for the farmers that had to stay out in the heat all day. Everyone was very sweaty! I stocked up on greens (for us and the lizards), leeks, carrots, honey, peas, and other vegetables. My favorite farmer threw in some jalapeno peppers, so the parrots got a little treat last night:

Yesterday, I mentioned our new morning routine where Rocky spends time in the bathroom instead of his cage. This morning, Max decided to join him. They were in there, singing and dancing along with the music I had playing in the living room.
Here's a closeup of Stella. I'm still working on getting photos of her that aren't blurry or washed out. She's been talking more, but has only picked up phrases from Max. In fact, I think I've heard her say everything that Max knows how to say. She also mimics my sneeze a lot (although I think she's actually mimicking Max mimicking my sneeze). I always reply "A tes souhaits!" in an effort to make her a bit bilingual. So far, it's not working!
Here are two more pictures of events that happen in our house pretty much every morning. Max has a plastic teaspoon that is her spoon. When she was a baby, we were careful not to have her eat off of our dishes because we worried about her catching something from us (we no longer worry about this!)
In any case, we would hold this spoon for her and offer her food. After a couple of times, when she was only about 5 months old, she grabbed the spoon from us to hold it herself. Since then, it saves us time as we can just give her food on a spoon and don't have to hold it for her. We've tried unsuccessfully to get any of our other parrots to do this, although my parents' quaker will also hold a spoon. As you can see from the glob of food in her mouth, she is an expert at eating from the spoon! After she's done, there's barely a trace of food left. Whenever she sees me with the spoon in hand, she gets excited and flies immediately to her stand to await a treat.
Have a great weekend!


Beloved Parrot said...

What a great day. I hope your parrots know how lucky they are.

Mary said...

Thank you for the nice compliment. Your parrots are also very lucky :) I have been having many good days with them lately. I am the lucky one to have such wonderful parrots!