Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Rocky Routine

We've switched up Rocky's morning routine a bit, and we're all happier for it! I think I've mentioned it here in the past, but I used to let all of the parrots out except Rocky during the 15 minutes or so it takes me to feed and water everyone. Rocky didn't like this, and I can understand his gripe! However, since he tried to attack me when I let him out, he needed to stay locked up.

During the past few weeks, I've been letting him out when I let out everyone else, but bringing him into the bathroom where he hangs out on the shower curtain. He is so happy up there! Every few minutes I check in on him and we dance a little. I wish I would have thought of this sooner. There is something about the bathroom that calms him down and makes him happy.

In this video, he's a little wet as all of the parrots were sprayed down this morning. If you listen closely, starting around the halfway mark, he's making quiet hissing and clicking sounds. We've been working on whispering lately!

Max was in an inquisitive mood last night, and she flew over to the place on the counter where I put the mail and got to work shredding the junk mail.
Then she came over to investigate my camera bag. The main reason I'm posting this picture is because her tongue is so visible. I guess I never realized how much pink it had before!
Also, I forgot to mention a fun wildlife sighting I had yesterday. I was running in the state park with a friend of mine before work. As we made a left turn on the course, we came almost face to face with a deer! She stared at us for a few seconds -- we had to have been at most 6 feet away -- and then ran off away from the trail. I wish I would have had my camera! But running those hills just about kills me so I couldn't add any extra weight. Plus, my sweat would probably ruin the camera. In any case, it made my day!


Mary Hughes Studio said...

Go Rocky!! Cute!! Love the stories and the photos. The Daphne photos are so adorable. She looks so shy behind the plants.

Mary said...


Thanks. Daphne is so dear to my heart. I don't write about her much because she is hard to photograph well and she is so much less mischevious than the others! As you know, budgies are so wonderful!!!