Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Times

Sorry about my whining yesterday! I need to start focusing on not getting upset about things that I can't change. Today will be entirely positive!

I've adjusted my morning routine again. I was feeling a bit sorry for Daphne since she gets the least amount of one-on-one time with either Thomas or me. The others are just more demanding, and she seems happy enough to play with her toys and get ambient attention.

Realizing that's not fair to her, I've been getting her up at 6:30, about 30 minutes before the rest of the parrots. Normally she doesn't shower with either of us because she has trouble breathing when the room gets steamy. But, with Thomas's schedule being a bit more relaxed this month, I've been able to bring her in the bathroom with him for just a few minutes, and she loves it!

Here she is, on the top of the shower, just like the big birds!
As I've mentioned before, she is extremely difficult to photograph well, but you can kind of see how wet she is here (Thomas put her under the spray for a moment):
Yesterday was my weekly farmers' market run, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that our favorite farmer had tomatoes already! He had two kinds, and I've already forgotten what they were. One is supposed to be less juicy than the other. Thomas was cutting up a tomato for last night's dinner, and I asked him which kind he took. He said he couldn't tell a difference! The distinction is even more apparent in person than in this photo, but clearly one is red with orange undertones (right) and one is red with blue undertones (left).
I just loved this photo of Beeps, so I had to include it in the blog. He's been spending more time on the plant stand lately to avoid getting buzzed by Max (we are still working on this, but she's stubborn!) He spends so much of his time upside down or doing other acrobatic moves!
Rocky has been extremely funny lately. Yesterday I was in the kitchen and Thomas was in the living room, sweeping. I heard riotous laughter coming from the living room, so I had to see what was going on. You have to look closely in this video to see Rocky -- and even then it's mostly the white patch on his face that's the most clear. As Thomas was sweeping near his cage, he was trying to attack the broom and laughing about it. When I call his name for the first time, you can hear him do this weird scream that he sometimes does.
Rocky has been a bit unpredictable, as usual. Especially when stepping up off of the floor. Since Thomas has to do physical exams of people, he can't very well have bites and bandages all over his hands, which means he sometimes uses creative items for Rocky to step up onto when a stick isn't available.

Rocky had followed him upstairs this morning when Thomas was getting dressed for work. They came down together, with Rocky hanging off of a sock. He kept striking all of these adorable poses, and these were among my favorites:


Stephanie said...

Beeps reminds me so much of Scooter when he hangs upside down like that.

Mary Hughes Studio said...

I love watching the video of Rocky coming out from under the cage with his wings spread out from the other day. Such a little character. Daphne sure is a little darling! Your love for your birds on this blog is a wonderful lesson in how to interact with these special creatures.

Sammi said...

Poofy Daphne is POOFY (and adorable)
Rocky is a VICIOUS ATTACK PARROT. *grins* Actually, he sounds like he might be a pretty decent attack parrot.
And finally, when I saw the upside-down picture of Beeps, all I could think of was the Batman theme: Nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana
BAT-BEEPS *grins*

I promise my next comment will be more coherent. =3

Mary said...

Stephanie -- isn't that so much fun? He's the one who spends the most time upside down in our house.

Mary -- thanks so much for the nice comment. I am lucky to have such wonderful parrots!

Sammi -- you made me laugh! Rocky is quite the attack parrot. I joke that I have to live with my stalker.