Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Parrot disagreements

I've mentioned that Beeps and Max sometimes get into little fights. In the past few months, there has been no aggression between any of the other parrots. I'm not sure why, but Max has been pursuing Beeps a bit more aggressively (with Beeps also joining in and antagonizing Max), so we've been much more careful about policing their interactions and keeping them separate.

Max will stalk Beeps until he flies into the plant stand, and then she sits there, watching him.Beeps seems to enjoy playing on the plant stand, but this is not acceptable behavior from Max. Also, we're not sure what the plant stand is made of and don't want him ingesting any metals that could affect his health.He also has taken to hanging out on Stella's kitchen stand. She doesn't seem to mind, but the other day, Max decided to intimidate her nemesis a bit:Thomas was brushing his teeth the other day when Beeps flew in and landed on his towel. He was having a good time, swinging around and beeping.

Over the weekend, Thomas made some bread. Rocky climbed up on the counter and started eating the raw dough. After I took this picture, I removed him from this apparently tempting scene.
One of Rocky's favorite toys is the Wheel Tweet Foot Toy from TNT Bird Toys, located towards the bottom of the page I linked to. He loves playing with these, either by himself or with us. Sometimes he'll drop a ball off at our feet, asking us to play fetch with him, like a dog. Other times he throws it up in the air as high as he can, shrieks as it comes back down, and then rushes over to attack it.

I've had a hard time capturing these games on video, but I think this one does an adequate job of illustrating the main idea. He was on our kitchen table playing when I decided to join him a bit. I just love how fast he goes to attack his toy!


Beloved Parrot said...

I bet you have to watch your babies every minute they're out. You're a brave woman!

Mary said...

We spend the majority of our time in the kitchen or living room, and we are in routines where I can just supervise by being there and knowing their personalities, which is nice. They are actually quite well behaved, no matter what I write here :) The only issue is this Max/Beeps thing in the kitchen, and hopefully that will be worked out soon!