Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kika name dilemma

Of our six parrots, four of them came with names. For the most part, we've continued calling them what they've known in the past -- Rocky, Calypso, and Kika. We changed Beeps's name, but still often refer to him as "Babycake" which is what he was known as for the first few years of his life, and how he sometimes refers to himself.

Since we got Max from a breeder, we got to choose her name (we thought she was male when we did) and Daphne, intended as a breeder, was unnamed.

I've been seriously thinking about changing Kika's name, however. Every time I say her name, I think of the racial slur that is one letter away from her name. Even though it's not pronounced the same -- we say "kee-kah" -- it disturbs me. She's only 5, so we'll probably spend the next 25-45 years with her, and that's a long time to be distressed be her name!

Thomas is not being helpful in this process. He keeps suggesting other names that are one letter away from racial slurs or dictators (i.e. "let's call her Stalit!") He thinks he's being funny, and I have to admit that he does make me laugh, which only encourages him.

I've been thinking a lot about this, especially when I'm running and have time to think, and came up with what I thought was the perfect name -- Roxy. Excited, I told Thomas, and he reminded me how close that name is to Rocky. How did I miss that?

Right now, the names on my short list are: Cassia, Fausta, Livia, Silvia, Helena, Ava, and Karla. But none of them seem quite right.

I need to make a decision soon since I think the longer we call her "Kika," the more confusing it will be when we make the switch.


WendyKnits said...

While I know I'm a complete stranger to you, I've been reading your blog for a while and enjoying hearing about your beautiful birds and seeing their pictures.

To me, Kika looks like a Lucinda. :-)

Beloved Parrot said...

There's a list of African names somewhere on the web; that might help, too.

Mary said...


Thanks for the suggestion and for leaving a comment as it led me to your blog. I am in awe of your talent! I am such a knitting newby -- scarves and hats -- but now I've put your book on my list for my next Powell's purchase :)

Mary said...

Beloved Parrot,

Thanks for leaving a comment. I hope you start blogging again soon! I linked to you because I like what you've written so far. Also, I've been thinking about taking piano lessons, so would be interested to hear how that's going for you...

Thanks for the tip. I'll look at them. Most of the names on my short list came from ancient Rome but I should probably expand the list :)

Stephanie said...

When I have changed my rescued/used pets names I have tried to stay with at least the first same beginning sound. That makes the change more smooth & less distressing for them I think. So if it were me I would stick with a "k" sound and even try to end with an "a" sound if I could. Or change it to something that sounds over all the same - like "meeka". That way she will know who you are talking to right away. :)

Mary said...


I was looking at a list of "K" names the other day until all of the lines started blurring together. It was strange. That's why Karla is on the list, but it's not that close to Kika. Maybe I just need to get over my hangup and keep her name. I've actually never heard her say her name, but she was saying, "Hi Max" this morning. It could probably be too confusing to have 2 Maxes though!

Anonymous said...

What about Cassy (or Cassie)? It has a k sound and is easy to say. Dweezeljazz's Jazzy had many names when she first obtained her, but if I recall, it only took a few weeks for the new name to stick. It was also like a new beginning for Jazzy. Ooh, sometimes names are hard; sometimes they come right away. Good luck!

Sammi said...

Kia, maybe? *shrugs* I agree with Stephanie, though. Meeka would also be a good name.

P.S. I think Thomas's names were funny. But I have a strange sense of humor. =P

Mary said...

Shannon --

I'll add that to the list. You're right -- it is so hard! That's how Beeps got his name. We were waiting for his DNA sexing to come back, and in that week, we started calling him Beeps because he beeps constantly and it stuck. I was hoping that a name would call out to me, but it hasn't yet!

Sammi --

Kia would make me think too much of a car. I am stressing out way too much about this :)

My husband makes me laugh all of the time. He isn't being helpful in this process at all, and has been referring to her as Mitler lately. I don't quite get the leap to dictators, but I guess that's how his mind works :)