Monday, September 29, 2008

Grey moments

I had a bag of potatoes from our CSA in the sink, so Stella had to come over and investigate. The bag kept her busy for several minutes.
Saturday morning, Stella and Thomas were bonding a bit, and I managed to take this picture. I think she was starved for physical affection when she came to us. Greys aren't known for being physically needy, but I think that's because they only want physical attention from those they love and trust. As opposed to many cockatoos, for example, who often welcome physical attention from anyone willing to share.

Stella had been favoring me, but Thomas has been making great progress with her lately.

In this picture, I caught her in mid-scratch. We've been trying to give her drenching soaks at least once a day to help with her feather regrowth.
Here the greys are playing with the rope figure-8 toy on the stand. Max will often try to use this as a weapon. She stands on the upper level and swings the toy at any unsuspecting parrot standing on the mid-level. They have learned their lesson and rarely will anyone stand there.

So Max has to get a bit creative. She was trying out different positions to swing the toy into Stella. For a few moments, they both had their beaks on different sides and were playing tug-of-war.
We separated them shortly after this picture was taken. They're still not very friendly towards each other!

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ashley said...

I love that picture of Stella and Thomas - reminds me so much of my time with Katie :(