Thursday, September 11, 2008


Our kitchen is set up such that our counter juts out, bisecting the room into the "cooking" side and the "eating" side. In our house, that means the "cooking" side and the "parrot" side. Of course, since the parrots have pretty much taken over everything on the ground floor of our house, that translates into the "cooking" side and the "parrot stand" side, with parrots moving freely between both sides.

Thomas and I were on the "cooking" side, tag-teaming both the preparation of dinner and the keeping of Stella off of the floor. To be more specific, Thomas was doing most of the cooking and I was doing most of the Stella pick-up. Let me also make clear that we were preparing a salad with no stove action. Had the stove been on, Stella would have been in her cage for her safety.

As I picked Stella up (again!) I noticed that the basement door started to open. What? There are no other people in this house. The parrots can't reach the doorknob. Do we have a ghost?

Upon further investigation, Rocky had somehow managed to open the basement door! We're hoping that someone just hadn't latched it completely. If he's now able to open up properly closed doors, I may have to give up and let him completely take over our house :( He will have won the battle of wills.

He then stood at the top of the stairs, calling our names, even though he knew very well that we were in the kitchen.


ashley said...

I love the look on his face in this picture!!

Beloved Parrot said...

You act surprised that Rocky can open the door. Don't you know by now that there is a parrot conspiracy to take over the world, using their human slaves? Of course they can open doors!