Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rocky videos

Thomas often has to spend the night at the hospital. When he returns home after a 30 hour absence, sometimes Rocky acts as though it's just a normal day. Other times, like last night, he is so happy to see him that he does all sorts of weird things.

When he got home from work, he took off all of his clothes (scrubs) and threw them on the floor. Rocky loves when Thomas does this as he is drawn to smelly things (I thought that was only dogs...) In the background, you may be able to see some of my workout socks that Rocky threw out of my dirty workout clothes basket. He then brought them into his special hallway.

In any case, Max decided to join in on the fun of working over Thomas's clothes. Unfortunately, by the time I started to film, Rocky had basically stopped working over the clothes and had started wandering around with his beak dragging on the floor. But I still wanted to show this because their infrequent cooperation was foreshadowing events to come...

But not yet! When Thomas hasn't slept in 30 or so hours, his personality changes. He's crabby (not surprisingly) and also will often act a bit drunk. He likes to bang things together, which the parrots love. He was at the kitchen table, banging Rocky's stick around, and Rocky came over and started attacking the stick. As with the last video, this ended up turning into him wandering around, dragging his beak on the ground.

Both of the greys had nails that were a bit long, so Thomas decided to do them last night. He did Stella's nails with little problem, but as he had Max in his lap, Beeps and Rocky came to her defense! Rocky started throwing himself at Thomas's feet, attacking them (and not a fake attack). Beeps dive bombed him, twice! (This is the first -- and I'm hoping last -- time we've seen a dive bomb from Beeps).

Thomas and Max had to move into the bathroom, with the door closed, so they could finish in peace.

And even then, Rocky followed them. He was throwing himself at the bathroom door. I tried to get this on video, but Rocky is really drawn to the stick. I had it so that I could stop him from attacking me, should he have decided to try to do that. Instead, he decided to step up. But I think you can still get an idea of what he was doing in this video!

I didn't want him to hurt himself, so I then picked him up and held him near the door so he could hear Thomas reassuring Max (and Rocky) that everything was OK. I think you can get an idea of how he continued to freak out in this video. He was so happy once Max came out of the bathroom, perfectly fine and perched on Thomas's hand.

About 10 minutes later, Thomas noticed that Rocky was attacking the Dremel that he'd left on the kitchen table. Smart parrot -- he knows what that's for! Those are my running shorts on the table -- I lay them out the night before morning runs so that I can get an extra minute of sleep! As with the other videos, he started running around, dragging his beak on the ground. But you can still see one Dremel attack! There were many more before this. After, I put it away.

Tonight can't help but be a bit more peaceful!


Beloved Parrot said...

Rocky's a hoot! I loved watching him drag his beak backwards.

Mary said...

Both Rocky and Max will often drag their beaks on the floor. It's strange.

With Rocky, it's almost like he's winding himself up, as this often leads to a half-hearted attack of something, usually a toy.

ashley said...

That's one of the best videos I've ever seen! I haven't smiled or laughed this much in weeks!!

Darlene said...

Rickie attacks again. she was on my shoulder, as I was walking toward the kitchen, she jumped at my Hubbys face and left a deep gash very close to his eye. Rickie and Rocky, Could they be siblings. Problem is, we are just to inexperienced to handle the agression. I have been told that this is more commen in females.