Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pandora find: Parrots

The other day, I was listening to pandora (of course!), on a radio station I created based on Mason Jennings. Since I listen while I'm working, the music is mostly background noise, although I do occasionally stop working to listen to a song.

I thought I heard the word "parrots" in a song, so I stopped to see what the song was, and it's called "Parrots" by Alexis Harte. The lyrics (found here) made me think of the issue that Beloved Parrot linked to the other day.

The song just came on again, which is why I'm posting it now.


Mallow said...

Thanks for providing a link to Pandora. I seldom explore things like this on the web. I'm in admiration of all your training.. good job!

Signed, Couch potato :D

Mary said...

Pandora is just amazing -- no commercials!

Thanksfor your comment!