Friday, September 26, 2008

Cooking: one success; one failure

We had the tomato cobbler for dinner last night. It was not exactly a success. I'm not sure if I did something wrong (but I followed the recipe!) or if that's how it's supposed to taste? In any case, we won't be making it again, at least for a long time, because there are many other things we want to try.

On the other hand, the lime bars were a big success. At first Thomas was a bit disappointed. When I asked him what kind of baked good he'd like me to make next, he said "something with coconut." Which these lime bars have. Apparently I was supposed to know he meant something with coconut AND chocolate. But he gave them a try and liked them.

Rocky was begging for a taste, so Thomas obliged him:
I left the room for a few minutes, with Thomas supervising the parrots, and returned to this:
Rocky liked them so much he decided to help himself! Needless to say, I removed the platter back to the fridge. The parrots haven't figured out how to get in there -- yet!

This is the last weekend before the marathon, so I'm in major taper mode. It's kind of driving me crazy -- I seem to have excess energy since I've taken my running down a notch to rest my legs for the race.
We have a couple of other things planned for the weekend -- hiking, musical theater performance, grocery shopping, cleaning... I definitely need a few more hours in the day! Hope everyone reading this also has a great weekend!!!


Beloved Parrot said...

Don't you ever feed your birds???

They're always chomping down on your and Thomas' foods like they're starved. ;-)

Sammi said...

You put the lime in the coconut and drink all up, you put the lime in the--oh. ^^;;

And Beloved Parrot, think about it. If you had to choose between bird-food and LIME BARS, which looks tastier? =3

Mary said...

I know! Those guys are little mooches. Why do we buy parrot food again?