Saturday, September 13, 2008

I survived the treadmill

I woke up, hoping that the weather forecasts would be wrong, but was met with pounding rain. There is no way I was running 16 miles in that! So, after getting the parrots and lizards ready for the day (fresh food and water) and lingering a bit too long over my own breakfast and the paper, delaying the inevitable, I headed downstairs for some treadmill running. Not fun at all!

I ran to The Sound of Music for the first 12.5 miles, and then Thomas came home, got on the elliptical, and changed the channel to Saturday morning cartoons. Since he hadn't slept for approximately 30 hours at that point, I let him have his way.

That is, by far, the longest I have ever run on the treadmill, and I hope that I never have to do that again.

I feel like I shouldn't complain about the weather, given what's happening down south. One of my friends, who runs a small parrot and reptile rescue, was in the evacuation zone. The fact that there was too much rain for me to run seems like such a petty concern in comparison. So far, it sounds like she (and all of the animals) are doing well, but she hasn't been back home yet to survey the damage. My thoughts are definitely with her at this point.

A friend sent me this link the other day and I found it very interesting. Even though I don't own a dog, much less a pit bull, I just hate how they are maligned in the media and by many people. The site I linked to has pictures of many different dogs -- see if you can find the pit bull. It took me about 9 tries!

On the subject of pits, one of my favorite animal rescue organizations, Best Friends, has done amazing things with some of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick. My friend and I are in the beginning stages of planning a trip out there sometime in the next 6 months. We can't wait! You can stay in cabins on their property and volunteer while you're out there. I'm really looking forward to spending time with the parrots and with the dogs. This may only exacerbate my desire for a dog!


Beloved Parrot said...

16 miles????

Listen -- if God had wanted women to run miles and miles and miles, She would have given us cars! (grin)

Mary said...

BP -- You are funny :) I'm starting to agree with you, however, and this may be my last marathon. Of course, I say that every year, but this time I (might) mean it!

I did take Sunday off from running due to the rain. I just couldn't face the treadmill two days in a row!