Thursday, September 4, 2008

Proof that the caiques and Daphne are well!

Beeps managed to drop this toy onto the floor of the stand and he then went down to work on its destruction...
As usual, Calypso froze up when I went to take his picture. He's not a huge fan of the camera, which is why he's rarely shown here.
Daphne was being quite funny last night. She kept wandering all over the paper when Thomas was trying to read it:Finally she got her wish: to perch on one of her favorite people. The camera just doesn't properly capture her coloring. She looks aqua, but she's really more periwinkle.
At this point, we've decided to not bring that budgie I talked about the other day home. We've tried to bring another budgie into our home in the past, and Daphne wasn't happy about it. I think I wanted to bring another one in because of the guilt I feel in keeping a single budgie since they are such social creatures.

However, Daphne is apparently not a normal budgie. As I've mentioned before, she was supposed to be a breeder, but couldn't get along with any of the other budgies. Maybe she thinks she's a human?

In any case, she is one of the sweetest birds I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and we've been making an effort to make sure she gets enough human interaction. Thomas thinks I should sneak her into work even though she's prohibited in the lease (not her, specifically, but "all animals, including birds" are). Maybe being able to bring a budgie to work will be a requirement of my next job :)


Sammi said...

I love how you specify "Not her, but..." I think it would be funny if there actually WAS a No-Birds-Named-Daphne rule or something. =P

Mary said...


If only it were that specific -- I'd change her name in a heartbeat!

Thanks for the comment -- made me laugh :)

DoodleBird said...

What beautiful Caiques! Thanks for sharing these photos, I love seeing BHC pics...I'm a little biased though. :-)