Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Miscellaneous stories

I forgot my camera at home, and it even had some pictures and movies on it! I guess they will have to wait until tomorrow...

Instead, these next stories will be told without accompanying pictures.

When I was running on the treadmill and watching The Sound of Music a couple of Saturdays ago, the scene came on TV where Captain Von Trapp is introducing Fraulein Maria to the children. For those who may not be familiar with this wonderful movie, he demonstrates the whistle he uses to call each of his children. Calypso got very excited and tried to imitate all of the whistles -- I could hear him even though I was in the basement.

Then, a few days later, Wheel of Fortune was on for background noise. It comes on after Jeopardy! and I hadn't turned the TV off. Stella was the only parrot in the living room -- the rest had come into the kitchen with me. She had to be in her cage as I was cooking and needed to keep her safe (since she is fascinated by the stove). Suddenly, there were all sorts of beeps and tones coming from her, amplifying those coming from the show.

My parrots generally don't pay attention to the TV, so I thought it was interesting that we had two occurrences of this in a short period of time.

I took this picture while on our Madrid, Spain trip last February. It's a living wall at the Caixa Forum. It was really fascinating to see, and I hope to try to grow something similar someday. On a much smaller scale.
My favorite farmer was not at the market today, so that was a bit of a disappointment. He did warn me last week he might not be there, so I was prepared. Another farmer did have baby bok choy, so the lizards will be happy about that. I also bought a little over 5 pounds of tomatoes as I have big plans in store for them. I hope to share a success story with you in the near future of my tomato cooking endeavors!

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