Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Business trip

I am leaving for a whirlwind business trip to Boston in a few hours. The parrots definitely knew something was up this morning.

When he was trying to put her back in her cage this morning, Max bit Thomas -- the first time she has ever drawn blood on either one of us. It wasn't a bad bite, but completely unexpected. After she bit him, she started making kiss sounds towards him. I could not stop myself from laughing even though I didn't want to reinforce her.

I will be interested to hear how they behave in my absence. This will be the first time in over three years that Thomas will be home alone with them overnight. That's before we brought Rocky, Beeps, or Stella in to our house!

They're used to me being alone with them overnight, as Thomas often has to stay overnight at the hospital for his job. I instructed him on the bedtime and morning rituals I do with them, but my gut feeling is that he won't do them. Even if he tries, it won't be the same.

I should be back with a post on Friday!


Pamela said...

Good luck to Thomas! Harley is relatively used to Bruce going out of town (although he doesn't like it). But I rarely leave overnight, and Bruce has a hard time of it.

Beloved Parrot said...

Oh, I cannot wait to hear he details! Have a great trip.