Saturday, September 19, 2009

Still digging

Stella continues to try to dig a nest for herself by our shoes. I'm not as diligent as perhaps I should be in keeping her away from the carpet. I don't want to encourage breeding behavior in her as I really don't want to deal with any potential egg-binding problems. However, she is quite determined, and my alternatives are 1) giving up any hope of getting anything else done so that I can constantly remove her from the area; or 2) keeping her locked in her cage. Neither is a very attractive alternative. Notice all the carpet pieces on the floor to her left.
She does not show any adverse behavior when digging. Thomas or I can go to her mid-dig and ask her to step up. She immediately hops on to our hand, with no aggression issues. Also, I don't have any reason to think that she will lay an egg due to this behavior (if I did, you can be sure that I'd be keeping her away from the carpet!) She hasn't shown any signs of doing so in the year and a half we've had her -- I'm just trying to be careful!
Interestingly enough, she only appears to want to dig when Thomas or I are in the room. Several times during the past week, I've left the room while she was digging, only to return a few minutes later to find her perched on the playstand or wandering around looking for us.


Beloved Parrot said...

If you're not renting, pull up the carpet and install laminate!

Mary said...

This is just carpet scraps that we have in front of our door to put our shoes. She would certainly not be allowed to do this with installed carpet or I'm pretty sure I'd be looking at a divorce :)