Monday, September 14, 2009

Pumpkin beer

Thomas brewed a pumpkin beer over the weekend -- a little late, but we're hoping it will be ready for fall!

He'd placed the cans on pumpkin on the counter. Apparently these resembled perches as Max flew over immediately and started wandering around:
She does like to eat pumpkin, but I don't think she recognized what was in the cans at this point. Of course, she does tell us that she wants some of almost everything that finds its way to the counter, even though that's not always true!

I put some in her spoon for her to eat:
Even though she does this almost every day, I love watching her eat from a spoon. I didn't realize how long this video had gotten -- almost a minute. I had hoped to catch her throwing the spoon down, which she does in a very deliberate manner, but she was too concerned with making sure she ingested every bit of pumpkin she could:

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