Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend ramblings

No pictures, again. I wasn't home much over the weekend, and when I was, we were mostly hanging out in the living room, watching football. So any pictures would have been pretty boring.

I spent some time volunteering at the rescue, including helping one family bring a new parrot into their home. It was a great match and hopefully a forever home.

I don't have much interaction with baby parrots, as most parrots surrendered to the rescue are adults who lose their home once they start exhibiting normal, adult-parrot behaviors and are no longer compliant, adorable babies. However, there is a baby parrot at the rescue right now -- a police confiscation. I can't go into too many details, but I can see how people can get smitten with a baby parrot and make an impulse purchase.

This little guy who, in my opinion, is much too young to have been removed from his parents, wanted nothing more than to snuggle on my lap while I preened his pin feathers. Holding him, I was trying to justify why we had to take him home. What is wrong with me? Luckily, logic prevailed and I realized that our current ban on bringing new animals into our house must be maintained.

There were other parrots, besides this baby, testing my resolve! Of course, there's my boyfriend, a blue-crowned conure (though he's the jealous sort and nips my hand when my attention strays from him). Not to mention a pair of greys (the evil voice inside of me insisting that Stella and Max would love a larger species flock), a yellow-naped amazon that loves me (give Thomas a taste of what I deal with with Rocky and have someone that will sing opera with me!), an incredible lory, a pair of elderly conures that I have known and loved for over 6 years, and the list goes on and on...

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