Monday, September 14, 2009


My favorite farmer had little Asian eggplants for sale last week, so I bought some. Thomas cooked them up, and they were a big fan with the parrots. Beeps ate the entire piece he's holding in his foot:
Stella, like usual, expected to be catered to:
This day, they also had butternut squash and green beans, two vegetables we don't eat as often as we should. No pictures, though, the food was gone too quickly!

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Meg said...

The ekkies also like to be catered to! Claudia will now take what is offered and hold it herself 75% of the time if I insist, but Chester will never eat something if it is not held by myself or Claudia or is not in a dish, unless it meets all of the following criteria:
a) it is his current absolute favorite food
b) Claudia is also holding her piece, but is not close enough he can just eat hers while she holds it
c) he is rather hungry
d) it has been a good day!