Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More neti pot

Stella is still obsessed with the neti pot. Since Thomas uses it every day, it's usually drying upside down on the counter. She flies directly over to where it is and throws it on the ground, then plays with it for a few minutes, either attacking it or asking it for head pets.

This morning, I was in the living room wrapping the greys' pellets and hiding them in their cages. The greys were in the kitchen and the rest of the parrots were with me. This happens most mornings, and I keep an ear on the kitchen and go in if I hear any unusual noises.

As I was wrapping pellets, I heard the neti pot drop on the ground, followed by Stella flying. A few seconds later, I heard a louder THUD, then some strange noises. It didn't sound like an issue I had to address immediately, so I finished feeding the greys and then went into the kitchen a minute later.

This is what I found:
For whatever reason, Stella is very intrigued by empty cans of beans. She'd gone over to where I'd placed the recycling, knocked the can of beans to the ground, and then maneuvered it over near the neti pot. She was walking between the two, variously attacking them or asking them for head pets.

Max was on the counter, watching the weirdness.

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