Monday, September 14, 2009


Rocky was snuggling up against his stuffed worm, but pulled away before I could get a picture of it.
Yesterday he was playing in his blanket when Thomas grabbed him up and started giving him head pets.

Rocky absolutely loves this, but sometimes gets a little too excited and bites, so Thomas is careful to control Rocky's beak:
All of Rocky's flight feathers are in, and we're working on flying short distances. He's getting much better with his landings! He gets winded very quickly, but we're hoping that he'll soon build up his aerobic endurance.

Rocky seems to be accepting the inevitability of my presence in his house. Though I am still very careful around him, he will often walk right by me without even trying to attack. The other day, I had my arm resting on the kitchen table, and Rocky was walking around the table. He approached me and I spoke nicely to him. He gently placed one foot on my arm and it at first appeared as though he was going to step up. Suddenly, it's like he remembered who he was and he ran away from me and started attacking the paper on the table while looking at me.

It's hard to explain, but it really seemed as though he's got internal struggles -- on one hand, he's got the instinct to try to drive me away from his mate (my husband) while on the other hand, he wants to be friendly with me. I'm glad he's learning to control his impulse to attack.

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