Thursday, October 25, 2007

All about Rocky, or How long would it have taken me to get to my 100th post if we hadn't taken this guy into our home?

Being the playful macaw that he is, and living with a playful mate, Rocky often is carted around by one foot like this. He loves it! He always reminds me of those posters from the 1980s with cute pet photos and some sort of saying like "Just Hanging Around!"The next photos and video are an illustration of what happens in our house almost every night. After work, we are in the living room, and Rocky wants to be near us. The rest of the parrots are generally ok with just being in the same room as us. They do get physical interaction with us, but do not want as much of it as this guy! Even when Thomas isn't home, Rocky will climb up on the couch to hang out with me.
I swear that we sweep up our floors every single day (sometimes more than once)! But Rocky chips up wood like his life depended on it. That's why you'll often see flipflops in the backgrounds of our pictures. I wouldn't want to risk walking barefoot in our house!

If Thomas is feeling charitable, he will help Rocky in his quest to get to the couch by putting his leg down and letting Rocky climb up. I love this picture because you can see Rocky's left foot grabbing on to Thomas's big toe for leverage.
However, last night, Rocky must have realized that Thomas was wearing pants with an opening large enough for him to fit into! (Thomas was still wearing hospital scrubs from work).

Is Thomas's leg really that large, or is there a macaw in his pants?Thomas was shaking his leg and trying to get Rocky out for a while, and then I decided to take a video and call him out -- it worked! Luckily, a quirk of his is that no matter where he is or what he's doing, if you call his name, he has to come over to find out why.


DweezelJazz said...

Rocky sure has a cute character and he's very pretty, or should I say handsome? :)

Mary said...

Thanks! It is hard to believe that there is such mischief lurking in his adorable body! He was being supercute last night and I was starting to think that maybe I was overexaggerating his naughtiness -- he then ran over to me to try to bite me. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

That Rocky has personality-plus. Quite a rascal. I love your posts and it's always a highlight of my day to see what your gang has been up to.

Mary said...

Thanks, Shannon!

I took supercute videos of Max and Rocky over the weekend, then left my camera at home but will post them on Tuesday!

I'm glad you're enjoying his antics!